Roberto De Pol - Nowhere in Particular

In cooperation with Elena Forin of "LaRete Art Projects", Roberto De Pol resided in the project room for one week. As part of his long-term project "Nowhereinparticular" he setup installations made of found and borrowed materials. The exciting installations were installed outdoors and produced various sounds as they, in one way or another, hit the window panes. Each arrangement was operated by a timer. Inside numerous guests were watching the spectacle.  After this unique event on the 25th October, the borrowed materials were returned to their owners in 2014.

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Stefan Wiesnau

The exhibition "Framework" of Stefan Wiesnau in the project room took place from June 13 to July 4, 2014. The displayed works were characterized by the individual living environment of the artist: the half-timbered house. Fundamental elements of this construction have been kept in the pictures in a very much reduced way. The black, wide lines on white canvas are reminiscent of of tokens and symbols. In terms of art history they relate to Bernd and Hilla Bechers photographic works "Siegerländer Fachwerkhäuser".

Stefan Wiesnau is a member of the Nartur Art Group



Rolf Hahnel - Rediscovery

In her book "Cinema between city and country. History of the cinema in the province: Osnabrück. " (Marburg, Jonas's publishing house, 1985), Anne Paech writes in a short chapter about the Osnabrücker poster artist Rolf Hahnel that "he should have painted in the fifties and sixties for the cinemas Ritz, Roxy and Rosenhof." His studio was in Lotterstr. 63. At the end of the chapter one says sobering that no work Hahnels has survived. Astonishingly some film transparencies have come to light during the renovation works in the project roo: Partly Hahnel had used it to build walls. This dicovery gave us the idea to be the first to expose the works of Rolf Hahnel.

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