B-O-B (O-N-O)
Story Office
This Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6pm on appointment
493 Greene Ave, Bed Stuy

Put yourself on schedule!
contact the office: jakobbartnk@me.com manilabartnik@me.com

B-O-B is an exchange project between Brooklyn and Osnabrück, Germany. 
People are asked to change the material meaning of an object from their homes into a meaning beyond the object itself by means of story telling. 
Not the item as such, but the personal and emotional meaning connected to the object forms the basis for understanding and exchange.

How to participate?
Visit the Story-Office by appointment.
Bring a small object of yours that you are willing to part with, and you'll need to be able to give a description of the object's personal meaning to you. Your description will be documented as either an audio or video recording. Jakob and Manila will take your object and your story back with them to Osnabrück/ Germany where they will set up an object exchange that will feature all of the accumulated the objects and their stories. Visitors will be able to take any object they like in if they agree to replace it with an object/story of their own. At the end of the exchange, you will receive a package from them containing the object/story that was exchanged for yours.

B-O-B is supported by Stadt Osnabrück and the BartnikProjektRoom
The Story Office is realized in collaboration with Andrew Beccone, artist and founder of the Reanimation Library, Queens.